Proceeding of the Electrical Engineering Computer Science and Informatics

Proceeding of the Electrical Engineering Computer Science  and Informatics publishes papers of the "International Conference on Electrical Engineering Computer Science and Informatics (EECSI)" Series in high technical standard. The Proceeding is aimed to bring researchers, academicians, scientists, students, engineers and practitioners together to participate and present their latest research finding, developments and applications related to the various aspects of electrical, electronics, power electronics, instrumentation, control, computer & telecommunication engineering, signal processing, soft computing, computer science and informatics. 

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EECSI 2015 Call for Papers


Universitas Sriwijaya (UNSRI), Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), Universitas Islam Sultan Agung (UNISSULA), IEEE Indonesian Section SP/ED/E/PES Joint Chapter & IEEE Indonesian Section Computer Society Chapter organize the conference on 19-21 August 2015 in Palembang, Indonesia. This event is intended to provide technical forum and research discussion related to electrical, electronics, instrumentation, control & telecommunication engineering, computer science and informatics.

EECSI Policies

  • Please avoid submission of papers that are already published or under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • If you having problems uploading papers, please contact us at iaes.eecsi [at]
  • Registration fee for papers submission in Batch I is cheaper then Batch II. So, you are encouraged to submit your worthy papers in Batch I.
  • First submitted papers will be first evaluated and have higher chance for possible publication in the EECSI proceeding.
  • Then, first accepted papers will be first promoted to extend for possible publication in some Scopus indexed journals. So, first accepted papers will have higher chance for early publication scheduling in the journals.

Important Dates

  • Papers Submission Deadline : Apr 15, 2015 May 5, 2015
  • Final Acceptance/ Rejection Notification : May 25, 2015
  • Camera Ready Submission : Jun 30, 2015
  • Early Registration : Jul 15, 2015 (Early Payment for Batch II)
  • Registration Ends : Aug 10, 2015 (Final Payment Deadline)
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Vol 2: EECSI 2015

Proceeding of the 2nd International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics (EECSI 2015)

Table of Contents


Gain Enhancement of Octagon Microstrip Yagi Antenna Utilizing 1-D Photonic Crystal (PCs) Cover PDF ()
Kamelia Quzwain, Alyani Ismail, Adam Reda H. Alhawari, Aduwati Sali
Object Detection and Tracking – A Survey
Rasool Reddy kamireddy, HARI PRIYA K, Mohan Lakshmi k
An Efficient Modulation and Coding Scheme Selection Mechanism for Single-cell Mode E-MBMS
Mohd. Algharem, Mohd. Hasbullah Omar, Ibrahim Alghamdi, Rahmat Budiarto
Electronic identification system of hazardous volatile organic compound gases using roselle-chitosan blend
Ahmed M.S. Eljali, Irwana Nainggolan, Tulus Ikhsan Nasution, Shahrir Hashim
Signalling Cost Model to Evaluate Mobility in Mixed Wireless IPv4/IPv6 Networks
Bassam Naji Altamimi, Deris Stiawan, Lelyzar Siregar, Rahmat Budiarto
Sensorless Solar Tracker Based on Sun Position for Maximum Energy Conversion
Syafii Ghazali, Refdinal Nazir, Kamsory ,
Felix Pasila
In Situ Solar Panel Output Power Measurement Related to Climate Parameters using Digital Recording
Mardiyono Mardiyono, Endro Wasito, Sugeng Ariyono
Control System Semi-Automatic Palembang Songket Shawl Using Splay Tree Algorithm Based ATMega 8
sholihin lihin hin
Design of Ubiquitous Pulse Oximetry
Reza Firsandaya Malik
Analysis And Identification Of Landuse On The East Coast Of South Sumatera Using GIS
Yuanita Windusari, Laila Hanum, Margareta Sri Lestari
MONITORING OF MANGROVE AREA CHANGES BASED ON LANDSAT DATA: A case study in Sungai Barong, Sembilang National Park, South Sumatera
Yuanita Windusari, Natia Wira, Heron Surbakti
Nonlinear Programming Approach of Wireless Pricing Models
Irmeilyana Irmeilyana, Fitri Maya Puspita, Indrawati Indrawati
Enhanced Ridge Direction for the Estimation of Fingerprint Orientation Fields
Saparudin Saparudin
Implementation of Audio Watermarking using Fast Fourier Transform for Audio Digital Copyright Protection
Megah Mulya, Yogha Saputra Utama
Identification of Speed and Unique Letter of Handwriting Using Wavelet and Neural Networks
Esmeralda Contessa Djamal
NCTF-FL Controller for Pendulum Balancing System
Noor Hisham Jalani
The Use of KPI in Group Decision Support Model of ICT Projects Performance Evaluation
Herri Setiawan, Jazi Eko Istiyanto, Retantyo Wardoyo, Purwo Santoso
Novice Assistance Tool and Methodology: Design Decision and Task-Pattern Mapping
Hoo Meei Hao, Azizah Jaafar
Aryanti Aryanti, Ikhtison Mekongga
A Sunarto, J Sulaiman, A Saudi
Generalized MINLP of Internet Pricing Scheme under Multi Link QoS Networks
Fitri Maya Puspita, Irmeilyana Irmeilyana, Indrawati Indrawati
NET.OS : Network Server Operating Systems Based on Open Source
Evan Enza Rizqi, Idhawati Hestingsih, Mardiyono Mardiyono
The Optimized K-Means Clustering Algorithms To Analyzed the Budget Revenue Expenditure in Padang
Dony Novaliendy, Yeka Hendriyani, Cheng-Hong Yang, Hafilah Hamimi
Performance Analysis on Text Steganalysis Method Using A Computational Intelligence Approach
Roshidi Din, Shafiz Affendi Mohd Yusof, Angela Amphawan, Hanizan Shaker Hussain, Hanafizah Yaacob, Nazuha Jamaludin, Azman Samsudin
Application of NFC Technology for Cashless Payment System in Canteen
Evizal Abdul Kadir, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Sri Listia Rosa
Sulistyo Heripracoyo
Optimization of Salient Object Segmentation By using the influence of color in Digital Image
Edvin Ramadhan, Iping Supriana Suwardi, Bambang Riyanto Trilaksono
Decision Support System for Heart Disease Diagnosing Using K-NN Algorithm
Tito Yuwono, Noor Akhmad Setiawan, Adi Nugroho, Anugrah Galang Persada, Ipin Prasojo, Sri Kusuma Dewi, Ridho Rahmadi
Ear Image Recognition using Hyper Sausage Neuron
Samsuryadi Samsuryadi, Anggina Primanita
Real Time Environmental Monitoring in Palm Oil Plantation Using Wireless Sensor Network
Reza Firsandaya Malik, Muhammad Hafiz, achmad Nopransyah, Muhammad Reyhan Zalbina, Tri Wanda Septian
Realization of Zigbee Wireless Sensor Networks for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
Helmy Fitriawan, Danny Mausa, Ahmad Surya Arifin, Agus Trisanto
Wireless Fire Alarm System in Power Plant
Andri Gautama Suryabrata, Tatang Mulyana, Deden Witarsyah
GPS-GSM Modem Application as Car Position and Fuel Monitoring System
Ahmad Taqwa, Masayu Anisah, Evelina Evelina, Sabilal Rasyad, Amperawan Amperawan
Gas Leak Localization Using Mobile Sensor Networks
Bambang Tutuko, Siti Nurmaini, Agus Triadi
An Ultrasonic System for Determining Mango Physiological Properties
Sallehuddin Ibrahim, Mohd Amri Md Yunus, Mohd Taufiq Md Khairi, Aini Hazwani Mohd Zelan
Design of Real Time Anemometer Based on Wind Speed and Direction
Triwahju Hardianto, Bambang Supeno, Dedy Kurnia Setiawan, Syamsul Arifin, Gunawan Gunawan, Ekky Wahyu A
Computer Anxiety and Computer Attitude towards Computer Self Efficacy (CSE) Polsri Telecommunication Engineering Student on Writing the Final Report
Irma Salamah, M. Aris Ganiardi, RD Kusumanto
Building Student’s Study Path using Markov Chain Process with Apriori Cross Join Pearson Correlation
Tekad Matulatan, Martaleli Bettiza
Experimental and Theoretical Prediction of Ozone Yield by High Frequency Silent Discharge
Mochammad Facta, Hermawan Hermawan, Zainal Salam, Zolkafle Buntat
Transformer Fault Early Warning System Model Using GSM Network
M. A. M. Azmi, Z. Nawawi, M. I. Jambak, M. A. B Sidik, Y. Z. Arief, Z. Adzis, N. A. Muhamad
Generating Electricity using PV/FC Hybrid System
Z Nawawi, M. A. B. Sidik, M. I. Jambak, R. F. Kurnia, A. S. Aziz, H. J. Kareem, A. Z. Abdulameer, M. A. A. Aziz, Z Buntat, Y. Z. Arief
Potential of Residential Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System as the Future Energy Source in Malaysia
S S Abd Wahid, Z Nawawi, M. I. Jambak, M. A. B. Sidik, Y. Z. Arief, M. W. Mustafa, Z Adzis
The Use of KPI In Group Decision Support Model of ICT Projects Performance Evaluation
Herri Setiawan, Jazi Eko Istiyanto, Retantyo Wardoyo, Purwo Santoso
The Influence of Stemming on Indonesian Tweet Sentiment Analysis
Ahmad Fathan Hidayatullah
Using Q-Learning for Recommend Learning Object on e-Learning System
Hasibuan S Muhammad
End-User Acceptance Of E-Government Services In an Indonesia Regency
Deden Witarsyah, Mohd Farhan MD Fudzee, Mohamad Aizi Bin Salamat
Evaluation of Maturity Level of E-Procurement Application Systems
Sandy Kosasi, I Dewa Ayu Eka Yuliani, Vedyanto Vedyanto
Transmission-Lightning-Arrester : A Location Determination Using Tflash
M. I. Jambak, M. A. B. Sidik, Zolkafle Buntat, Z. Nawawi, R. F. Kurnia, Y. Z. Arief, A. A. Wahab, Z Ramli, M. E. Ramly
The Elimination of Overshoot Curve Response of Closed Loop in Proportional Integral (PI) Controller
Azwardi Azwardi, Cekmas Cekdin
Andri Gautama Suryabrata, Tatang Mulyana, Deden Witarsyah
Obstacle Avoidance Functions on Robot Mirosot in The Departement of Informatics of UPN “Veteran”
Wilis Kaswidjanti, Hidayatulah Himawan, Awang Hendrianto Pratomo, Hafidz Fajar Abdur Rahman
Development of the PD/PI extended state observer to detect sensor and actuator faults simultaneously
Katherin Indriawati, Trihastuti Agustinah, Achmad Jazidie
Pattern Recognition Approach for Formation Control for Swarm Robotics Using Fuzzy-Kohonen Networks
Siti Nurmaini, Bambang Tutuko, Aditya Aditya
Study of Vehicle Movement for Mixed Traffic Modeling Using Social Force Model
Rina Mardiati
Brief Review on Formation Control of Swarm Robot
Ade Silvia Handayani, Siti Nurmaini, Iryadi Yani
Remote Control System For Multi Mobile Robot Using A Combination of Computer-Microcontroller
Nanang Ismail, Okyza MP, Dimas Widyasastrena
Development of Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Controller for Dialysate Preparation System
Pratondo Busono, Ario Fitrianto, Teguh Handoyo, Arief Barkah, Yaya Suryana, Riyanto Riyanto, Rony Febryarto
Review on Odor Localization
Nyayu Latifah Husni, Siti Nurmaini, Irsyadi Yani
Car Engine Storage and Spare Parts Management System Using RFID Technology
Evizal Abdul Kadir, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Sri Listia Rosa
Radio Subcarrier Multiplexing in Conjunction with Optical Mode Division Multiplexing for 5G Networks
Angela Amphawan, Baseem Khalaf, Wanasiah Tahir, Hafiza Haron, Rukhiyah Adnan
Mode Division Multiplexing of LG and HG modes in Ro-FSO
Angela Amphawan, Sushank Chaudhary, Hafiza Samad, Jihadah Ahmad
MDM of Hybrid Modes in Multimode Fiber
Angela Amphawan, Yousef Fazea, Mohd Samsu Sajat, Roslinda Murad, Hajar Alias
A Broadband MIMO Antenna for Access Network
Teguh Prakoso, N Shazwani M. Noor, E. H. Hadyan, M. A. Riyadi, Razali Ngah

ISSN: 2407-439X