Toward a New Approach in Fruit Recognition using Hybrid RGBD Features and Fruit Hierarchy Property

Ema Rachmawati, Iping Supriana, Masayu Leylia Khodra


We present hierarchical multi-feature classification (HMC) system for multiclass fruit recognition problem. Our approach to HMC exploits the advantages of combining multimodal features  and  the  fruit  hierarchy  property.  In  the construction of hybrid features, we take the advantage of using color feature in the fruit recognition problem and combine it with 3D shape feature of depth channel of RGBD (Red, Green, Blue, Depth) images. Meanwhile, given a set of fruit species and variety, with a preexisting hierarchy among them, we consider the problem of assigning images to one of these fruit variety from the point of view of a hierarchy. We report on computational experiment using this approach. We show that the use of hierarchy structure along with hybrid RGBD features can improve the classification performance.

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