Anti-Cheating Presence System Based on 3WPCA- Dual Vision Face Recognition

Edy Winarno, Wiwien Hadikurniawati, Imam Husni Al Amin, Muji Sukur


To prevent counterfeit face image on face presence system, we can use dual vision camera in face recognition system. Dual vision camera is used to produce detectable face images from two positions of the left lens and the right lens. Image retrieval at the two corners of the left lens and the right lens can produce a merged face image database of left lens face image and right lens face image. The use of two sides of the face angle taking is used to avoid falsification of facial data such as the use of a face photo of a person or an image similar to a person's face. This research uses a dual-vision face recognition method on its preprocessing and uses 3WPCA (Three Level Wavelet Decomposition - Principal Component Analysis) as its feature extraction model. In dual-vision face recognition, we use half-join method to combine a half of the left image and a half of the right image into an image that is ready to be extracted using 3WPCA. This research can produce a presence system based on good face recognition and can be used to anticipate falsification of face data with recognition accuracy up to 98%.

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