A Reconfigurable MIMO Antenna System for Wireless Communications

Evizal Abdul Kadir


A reconfigurable antenna system is proposed to improve data throughput limitations in multiple input multiple output wireless communication systems in this investigation. The4×4 MIMO antenna is designed to operate in the 2.4 and 2.6 GHz for  Wireless  Local  Area  Network  (WLAN)  and  Long  TermEvolution (LTE) applications. The system’s radiation pattern re-configurability is  realized by  using the  microcontroller-drivenPIN diode switching concept. Simulations and measurements exhibited good agreements for the single, 2×2 MIMO and 4×4MIMO configurations. The antenna is operational between 2.387to 2.628 GHz, while the simulated and measured reflection coefficients are at least -24.3 dB. All configurations produced anarrow beam forward radiation, while the envelope correlation coefficient (ECC) and diversity gain for the two MIMO configurations are below 0.5 and at least 9 dBi, respectively.


Antenna; MIMO; Wireless Communication; Reconfigurable;

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