A Position Controller Model on Color-Based Object Tracking using Fuzzy Logic

Budi Cahyo Wibowo, Imam Much Ibnu Subroto, Bustanul Arifin


Robotics vision is applying technology on the camera to view the environmental conditions as well as the function of the human eye. Colour object tracking system is one application of robotics vision technology with the ability to follow the object being detected. Several methods have been used to generate a good response position control, but most are still using conventional control approach. Fuzzy logic which includes several step of which is to determine  the  value  of  crisp  input  must  be  fuzzification.  The  output  of  fuzzification  is forwarded to the process of inference in which there are some fuzzy logic rules. The inference output forwarded to the process of defuzzification to be transformed into outputs (crisp output) to drive the servo motors on the X-axis and Y-axis. Fuzzy logic control is applied to the color- based object tracking system, the system is successful to follow a moving object with average speed of 7.35 cm/s in environments with 117 lux light intensity.

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