Quality Test of Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) with Short Open Test Using Law Ohm Approach through Embedded Fuzzy Logic Based on Open Source Arduino Data Logger

Ajar Rohmanu, Yan Everhard


A technological development, especially in the field of electronics is very fast. One of the developments in the electronics hardware device is Flexible Flat Cable (FFC), which serves as a media liaison between the main boards with other hardware parts. The production of Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) will go through the process of testing and measuring of the quality Flexible Flat Cable (FFC). Currently, the testing and measurement is still done manually by observing the Light Emitting Diode (LED) by the operator, so there were many problems. This study will be made of test quality Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) computationally utilize Open Source Embedded System. The method used is the measurement with Short Open Test method using Ohm's Law approach to 4-wire (Kelvin) and fuzzy logic as a decision maker measurement results based on Open Source Arduino Data Logger. This system uses a sensor current INA219 as a sensor to read the voltage value thus obtained resistance value Flexible Flat Cable (FFC). To get a good system we will do the Black-box testing as well as testing the accuracy and precision with the standard deviation method. In testing the system using three models samples were obtained the test results in the form of standard deviation for the first model of 1.921 second model of 4.567 and 6.300 for the third model. While the value of the Standard Error of Mean (SEM) for the first model of the model 0.304 second at 0.736 and 0.996 of the third model. In testing this system, we will also obtain the average value of the measurement tolerance resistance values for the first model of - 3.50% 4.45% second model and the third model of 5.18% with the standard measurement of prisoners and improve productivity becomes 118.33%. From the results of the testing system is expected to improve the quality and productivity in the process of testing Flexible Flat Cable (FFC).

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