Segmentation and Classification Models Validation Area Mapping of Peat Lands as Initial Value of Fuzzy Kohonen Clustering Network

Erwin Erwin, Saparudin Saparudin, Muhammad Fachrurrozi


Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) is located at the eastern of South Sumatra Province, 2030'-4015' latitude and 104020'-106000' longitude. Digital image of land was captured from Landsat 8 satellite path 124/row 062. Landsat 8 is new generation satellite which has two sensors, Operation Land Manager (OLI) and Thermal Infra-Red Sensor (TIRS). In pre-processing step, there are a geometric correction, radiometric correction, and cropping of the digital images which resulting coordinated geography. Classification uses maximum likelihood estimator algorithm. In segmentation process and classification, grey value spread is into evenly after applying histogram technique. The results of entropy value are7.42 which is the highest of result image classification, then the smallest entropy value in the result of correction mapping are 6.39. The three of them prove that they have enough high entropy value. Then the result of peatlands classification is given overall accuracy value = = 94.0012% and overall kappa value = 0.9230 so the result of classification can be considered to be right.

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