Optimization of Modified Sliding Mode Control for an Electro-Hydraulic Actuator System with Mismatched Disturbance

Mohd Fua'ad Rahmat, Siti Marhainis Othman, Sahazati Md Rozali, Zulfatman Has


This paper presents a modified sliding mode controller (MSMC) for tracking purpose of electro-hydraulic actuator system with mismatched disturbance. The main contribution of this study is in attempting to find the optimal tuning of sliding surface parameters in the MSMC using a hybrid algorithm of particle swarm optimization (PSO) and gravitational search algorithms (GSA), in order to produce the best system performance and reduce the chattering effects. In this regard, Sum square error (SSE) has been used as the objective function of the hybrid algorithm. The performance was evaluated based on the tracking error identified between reference input and the system output. In addition, the efficiency of the designed controller was verified within a simulation environment under various values of external disturbances. Upon drawing a comparison of PSOGSA with PSO and GSA alone, it was learnt that the proposed controller MSMC, which had been integrated with PSOGSA was capable of performing more efficiently in trajectory control and was able to reduce the chattering effects of MSMC significantly compared to MSMC-PSO and MSMC-GSA, respectively when the highest external disturbance, 10500N being injected into the system's actuator.


electro-hydraulic actuator; gravitational search algorithm; mismatched disturbance; modified sliding mode control; particle swarm optimization

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