Optimal Power Flow using Fuzzy-Firefly Algorithm

Dwi Lastomo, Widodo Widodo, Herlambang Setiadi


Development of Metaheuristic Algorithm in engineering problems grows really fast. This algorithm is commonly used in optimization problems. One of the metaheuristic algorithms is called Firefly Algorithm (FA). Firefly Algorithm is a nature-inspired algorithm that is derived from the characteristic of fireflies. Firefly Algorithm can be used to solve optimal power flow (OPF) problem in power system. To get the best performance, firefly algorithm can be combined with fuzzy logic. This research presents the application of hybrid fuzzy logic and firefly algorithm to solve optimal power flow. The simulation is done using the MATLAB environment. The simulations show that by using the fuzzy-firefly algorithm, the power losses, as well as the total cost, can be reduced significantly.


Firefly algorithm , Fuzzy logic system , Optimal power flow.

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