Comparison Between A* And Obstacle Tracing Pathfinding In Gridless Isometric Game

Lailatul Husniah, Rizky Ade Mahendra, Ali Sofyan Kholimi, Eko Budi Cahyono


The pathfinding algorithms have commonly used in video games. City 2.5 is an isometric grid-less game which already implements pathfinding algorithms. However, current pathfinding algorithm unable to produce optimal route when it comes to custom shape or concave collider. This research uses A* and a method to choose the start and end node to produce an optimal route. The virtual grid node is generated to make A* works on the grid-less environment. The test results show that A* be able to produce the shortest route in concave or custom obstacles scenarios, but not on the obstacle-less scenarios and tight gap obstacles scenarios.


game; pathfinding; A*; grid-less; isometric

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