Development of Discrete-Cockroach Algorithm (DCA) for Feature Selection Optimization

Yusuf Hendrawan, Muchnuria Rachmawati, Muchammad Fauzy


One of the recently proposed algorithms in the field of bio-inspired algorithm is the Hungry Roach Infestation Optimization (HRIO) algorithm. Haven has developed optimization algorithms HRIO that is inspired by recent discoveries in the social behaviour of cockroaches. Result showed that HRIO was effective at finding the global optima of a suite of test functions. However, there is no researcher who has observed HRIO for solving discrete problems. Therefore, we try to develop a discrete-cockroach algorithm (DCA) as the modification of HRIO for solving discrete optimization problem. We test the algorithm to solve bio-computation problem using single and multi-objectives optimization. The results showed DCA has better performance compared to the existed bio-inspired optimization algorithms such as genetic algorithms (GA) and discrete-particle swarm optimization (discrete-PSO).


discrete cockroach algorithm; feature selection; machine vision; optimization

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