Quasi Z-Source Inverter as MPPT on Renewable Energy using Grey Wolf Technique

Quota Alief Sias, Irham Fadlika, Irawan Dwi Wahyono, Arif Nur Afandi


Z-Source Inverter (ZSI) is famous power converter who has capability to deal with voltage sags, improved power factor and wide voltage range of output. Quasi Z Source Inverter (QZSI) is the modern ZSI who has continuous current of input and can reduce stress of the passive component. This paper proposes simple boost QZSI circuit as Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) using Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO) algorithm in photovoltaic system. Grey Wolf algorithm has been compared with the Perturb and Observed (P&O) technique for gaining the maximum power from the sun. Both techniques can get the optimum power of solar panel not only at constant sun light condition but also under varying irradiance levels. The value of average power obtained from GWO technique is greater than P&O. Although the value of solar radiation changes, the output voltage remains stable and both algorithms carry on obtaining optimal power of the sun.



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