Analysis and Design of Decision Support System Dashboard for Predicting Student Graduation Time

Satrio Wibowo, Rachmadita Andreswari, Muhammad Hasibuan


Information Systems is one of the existing study program at Telkom University that has produced many graduates since it was established in 2008. However, not all graduates produced successfully completed the study period during the four years of normal study. The percentage of graduates on time has some decline between the target and the achievement of the study program. From academic year 2014/2015 to 2016/2017 decrease annually about 1% every year, which is it becomes problems for the credibility and existence of study program and also for academic planners who may have an impact on accreditation assessment process of the study program when it is audited. One of the efforts that can be done by the study program to increase the students on time graduation rate is by making decision support system dashboard that giving early warning to the lecturer or the head of the study program if there are students who are predicted not to graduate on time. By using the C4.5 algorithm to perform the data analysis by looking at the causes of student's graduation time and pureshare methodology to perform dashboard development method. The result of this study is a prototype of decision support system dashboard, because there are lack of analysis in decision making and the dashboard only showing information and temporary prediction. The data model that used on this research is labeling data that has been processed using C4.5 algorithm and data that has been through data cleansing process using Pentaho Data Integration. This prototype is expected to be used as a reference base to support academic planners in order to make this application run with real time data.


early warning; dashboard; decision support system; student's graduation target

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