A Survey on Topologies and Controls of Z-Source Matrix Converter

Tri Wahono, Tole Sutikno, Nuryono Satya Widodo, Mochammad Facta


This paper describes the Z-source matrix converter (ZS-MC) topology which specifically discusses topology and control on the ZS-MC. There are two topologies on the ZS-MC, namely Z-source direct-MC (ZS-DMC) and indirect-MC (ZS-IMC). The difference of each of these topologies is in the number of switching mosfets, where ZS-DMC put on nine switches, while ZS-IMC eighteen switches. ZS-IMC topology overcomes the limitations of traditional MC voltage reinforcement and accommodates the operation of buck and boost converter by reducing the number of switches and providing high efficiency.


Z-source matrix converter (ZS-MC) , Z-Source direct matrix converter (ZS-DMC) , Z-Source Indirect matrix converter (ZS-IMC) , Topologies , Modulation , Control

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