Sarcasm Detection on Indonesian Twitter Feeds

Dwi A. P. Rahayu, Soveatin Kuntur, Nur Hayatin


In social media, some people use positive words to express negative opinion on a topic which is known as sarcasm. The existence of sarcasm becomes special because it is hard to be detected using simple sentiment analysis technique. Research on sarcasm detection in Indonesia is still very limited. Therefore, this research proposes a technique in detecting sarcasm in Indonesian Twitter feeds particularly on several critical issues such as politics, public figure and tourism. Our proposed technique uses two feature extraction methods namely interjection and punctuation. These methods are later used in two different weighting and classification algorithms. The empirical results demonstrate that combination of feature extraction methods, tf-idf, k-Nearest Neighbor yields the best performance in detecting sarcasm.


social media; negative opinion; sentiment analysis; sarcasm detection; feature extraction

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