An SoC-Based System for Real-time Contactless Measurement of Human Vital Signs and Soft Biometrics

Aminuddin Rizal, Kuan-Ting Chiang, Jia-Wei Lin, Yuan-Hsiang Lin


Computer vision (CV) plays big role in our current society's life style. The advancement of CV technology brings the capability to sense human vital sign and soft biometric parameters in contactless way. In this work, we design and implement the contactless human vital sign parameters measurement including pulse rate (PR) and respiration rate (RR) and also for assessment of human soft biometric parameters i.e. age, gender, skin color type, and body height. Our designed system is based on system on chip (SoC) device which run both FPGA and hard processor while provides real-time operation and small form factor. Experimental results shows our device performance has mean absolute error (MAE) 2.85 and 1.46 bpm for PR and RR respectively compared to clinical apparatus. While, for soft biometric parameters measurement we got unsatisfied results on age and gender estimation with accuracy of 58% and 74% respectively. However, for skin color type and body height measurement we reach high accuracy with 98 % and 2.28 cm respectively on both parameters.


contactless measurement, remote imaging photopletysmography, soft biometric, system on chip, vital signs

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