Classification of Physiological Signals for Emotion Recognition using IoT

Sadhana Tiwari, Sonali Agarwal, Muhammad Syafrullah, Krisna Adiyarta


Emotion recognition gains huge popularity now a days. Physiological signals provides an appropriate way to detect human emotion with the help of IoT. In this paper, a novel system is proposed which is capable of determining the emotional status using physiological parameters, including design specification and software implementation of the system. This system may have a vivid use in medicine (especially for emotionally challenged people), smart home etc. Various Physiological parameters to be measured includes, heart rate (HR), galvanic skin response (GSR), skin temperature etc. To construct the proposed system the measured physiological parameters were feed to the neural networks which further classify the data in various emotional states, mainly in anger, happy, sad, joy. This work recognized the correlation between human emotions and change in physiological parameters with respect to their emotion.


Emotion recognition; ECG; GSR; physiological signals; neural networks

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