Performance Evaluation of Superstate HMM with Median Filter For Appliance Energy Disaggregation

Erwin Nashrullah, Abdul Halim


Information on electricity consumption is one of the essential elements in terms of regulating the distribution of electricity in smart micro grid. Besides, information on electricity consumption can help consumers carry out an evaluation process to reduce electricity bill costs, which indirectly affect overall energy efficiency. One method in the process of monitoring electricity consumption is Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM). The main problem in NILM is to determine the energy disaggregation consumed by several equipment by merely performing the retrieval of data from only one measuring point. We used the Superstate Hidden Markov Model as the tool for modelling and analysis. A median data filter to the input data is applied to improve the performance of the disaggregation process. Based on the results of tests conducted using the REDD, the lowest accuracy was 96.69% for all tests performed.


Disaggregation; HMM; NILM; Median filter

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