Testing Big Data Applications

Narinder Punn, Sonali Agarwal, Muhammad Syafrullah, Krisna Adiyarta


Today big data has become the basis of discussion for the organizations. The big task associated with big data stream is coping with its various challenges and performing the appropriate testing for the optimal analysis of the data which may benefit the processing of various activities, especially from a business perspective. Big data term follows the massive volume of data, (might be in units of petabytes or exabytes) exceeding the processing and analytical capacity of the conventional systems and thereby raising the need for analyzing and testing the big data before applications can be put into use. Testing such huge data coming from the various number of sources like the internet, smartphones, audios, videos, media, etc. is a challenge itself. The most favourable solution to test big data follows the automated/programmed approach. This paper outlines the big data characteristics, and various challenges associated with it followed by the approach, strategy, and proposed framework for testing big data applications.


Big data; Testing; MapReduce; Hadoop

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