Smart Performance Measurement Tool in Measuring The Readiness of Lean Higher Education Institution

Okfalisa Okfalisa, Fitri Insani, Rahmad Abdillah, Wresni Anggraini, Toto Saktioto


The development of autonomy University drives management innovation to increase the alternative sources of income with the purpose of the efficiency improvement and productivity of the institution. One of a management model that leads to increase productivity through cost reduction is Lean service. The implementation of Lean Higher Education Institution (LHEI) requires total involvement of organization maneuver, including social culture, infrastructure, and leadership support. Therefore, the readiness of the institution in welcoming Lean concepts becomes significant. This article tried to develop a prototype of an intelligent performance measurement tool by analyzing the readiness indicators using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. This tool provided the classification of organizational readiness into five performances level. The measurement performed as a Decision Support System (DSS) to recommend University management level in making a decision and correcting action towards the optimal execution of Lean service. As a case study, this prototype system has been tested with Black Box and User Acceptance Test (UAT) in Indonesia Islamic Higher Education Institution. The finding reveals that the prototype system can be used as a performance measurement tool in measuring the readiness of Lean's service in Islamic Higher Education Institution.


analytical hierarchy process; decision support system; lean higher education institution; lean service model; performance measurement tool;

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