Keystroke-Level Model to Evaluate Chatbot Interface for Reservation System

Supriyanto Supriyanto, Adhi Prahara, Tri Susanto Saputro


The tour package reservation system is an important part of improving tourism services. Reservations must be able to meet the information needs of prospective customers and can serve the desired tour package bookings. A reservation system is usually a form that must be filled in sequence by prospective visitors. This paper discusses the evaluation of the application of the chatbot interface on the reservation system with the keystroke-level model. Changing the interaction design that previously did the task fills out the form into a conversation interaction. The aim is to increase the speed of the ordering process through the system. Prospective visitors do not need to fill in the form, they only need to have a conversation with the system while entering the order data. The evaluation results using the keystroke-level model show that the chatbot interface can increase the speed of the process by shortening steps.


Chatbot interface; Interaction design; Keystrokelevel model; Reservation system

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