An Android-based Hoax Detection for Social Media

Harrizki Arie Pradana


Hoax is defined as a try to convince any readers to believe particular deception. A news frequently spreads on social media. Hoaxes news is engineered to meet a personal purpose and caused by predefined factors. In Indonesia, one of the top discussions is about hoax news related to natural disasters spread through social media. Some people have been sentenced to jail because of making and spreading hoax news. To date, the internet community is unable to distinguish hoax news from the actual news. This is because there is no available tool to detect hoaxes. Therefore, this paper propose an initiative to have a hoax detection application in Android-based devices by using the web scraping technique to extract data downloaded from the inputted URL with a simplified interface. The retrieved data are optimized by utilizing Nazief-Adriani stemming algorithm and analyzed by using Rabin-Karp algorithm


hoax detection; android-based devices; social media; web scraping; text analysis;

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