Hybrid Improved Differential Evolution and Splinebased Jaya for Photovoltaic MPPT Technique

Khusnul Hidayat, Rini Nur Hasanah, Hadi Suyono


Some Soft Computing algorithms to solve themaximum power point tracking (MPPT) method problem ofthe photovoltaic system under partially shaded conditions willstop tracking Global Maxima and produce reference voltage orthe best duty-cycle if the difference between the worst and thebest candidate solution is smaller than the specified threshold.A large threshold value will produce fast converging, but theaccuracy value will be low, and vice versa, then thedetermination of the threshold value will be very dilemma.Therefore, this study proposed a combination of ImprovedDifferential Evolution (IDE) and Jaya optimization based onpredictive curves using cubic spline interpolation to determinethe best particles after the IDE reaches convergent criteria, sothat with a large threshold value it will still get high accuracyand high convergent speed. Furthermore, the algorithmproposed in this study is known as Improved DifferentialEvolution and Jaya Based Spline (IDESJaya). The proposedalgorithm is compared with conventional P&O, Jaya based onSpline, and IDE. Simulation results show that the IDESJayatechnique is faster converging, provides a better overalltracking efficiency and higher accuracy.


maximum power point tracking; differential evolution; jaya algorithm; cubic spline interpolation; photovoltaic system

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