Earthquake Early Warning System Prototype Based on Lot Using Backpropagation Algorithm

Adi Pranesthi, Budhi Irawan, Casi Setianingsih


Earthquakes are vibrations that occur on the earth's surface due to the sudden release of energy from the inside that creates seismic waves. An earthquake is caused by the movement of the earth's crust (the earth's plate). The frequency of a region refers to the type and size of earthquakes experienced during a period. Along with the development of early earthquake detection system technology provides a solution to minimize earthquake events. This research will discuss the system's design to determine the occurrence of earthquakes through time pattern analysis and Peak Ground Acceleration value. By using the Radial Basis Function Method, which later to minimize the loss of life from earthquakes. And help the main tools owned by the government. This study aims to determine the occurrence of earthquakes from Peak Ground Acceleration values and time analysis patterns, which are obtained from the decision of the Backpropagation method with an accuracy rate of 88%.


earthquake, low power wide area network, backpropagation, peak ground acceleration

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