Implementation of Linear and Lagrange Interpolation on Compression of Fibrous Peat Soil Prediction

Badar Said, Faisal Estu Yulianto


Previous studies have predicted the compression of fibrous peat soils using the Gibson & Lo method. But the prediction process is still done manually so it requires quite a long time. Therefore this research implements linear and Lagrange interpolation methods using Matlab software to speed up the prediction process. This study also carried out a comparison of the results of the implementation of the two methods to determine its effectiveness in making predictions. Based on the results of trials and analysis, it can be seen that the prediction of compression of fibrous peat soil using linear interpolation is more effective than using Lagrange interpolation, this can be proven by the smaller average RMSE prediction results using linear interpolation, with a difference in the average value of RMSE 7.7. Besides, prediction testing using Lagrange interpolation requires longer time, because it still does the iteration process as much as laboratory test data.


prediction, peat soil, interpolation, linear, lagrange

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