An Overview of Knowledge Mapping in Digital Business Industry: A Systematic Literature Review

Dana I. Sensuse, Alifiannisa Lawami Diar, Sofian Lusa, Damayanti Elisabeth


The increasing number of studies in the knowledge map shows attention from researchers in academic and professional areas. However, the knowledge map implementation has not effectively implemented in an organization whose business in the digital business industry, especially startup organization. The main reason is the lack of stakeholder's understanding of the knowledge map concept. Thus, this study gives a comprehensive understanding of knowledge map implementation in the digital business industry within the last five years period. The study will answer what problems knowledge map tackled, tools, and techniques used currently, the obstacles and benefits of using a knowledge map. The review was conducted through the structured systematic literature review procedure. It started with a review protocol declaration and ended with an analysis of the prior researches obtained from five credible sources. Only 25 of 775 studies remain after several filtering stages. It is found that a knowledge map is mostly used for decision-making purposes. Most studies adopted a visual knowledge map and concept map, even though it is difficult to align the knowledge depth. In the end, this study's result will help stakeholders to reflect on their existing knowledge relationship structure. This study also offers directions for future research and professional practices in digital business industry firms to perfect their existing organizational intellectual capital through a knowledge map.


digital business; knowledge maps; knowledge management; startup; systematic literature review

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