Quality in Use of Digital Wallet based on ISO/IEC 25022

Windy Rahmadia Pradanita, Siti Rochimah


The growth of financial technology (fintech) has led to an increase in cashless transactions. One of the technology that is developing and widely used is digital wallets. Because of the frequent use of digital wallet services, an assessment to measure quality in use needs to be done. Quality in use relates to user interaction with software when the product is used. The assessment standard used to measure quality in use is ISO/IEC 25022. The criteria assessed are effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction, and freedom from risk. To strengthen the results obtained, a correlation between the existing criteria and the quality in use of digital wallets is sought. From these results, it will be known which criteria have the highest correlation to the quality in use of digital wallets. This study does not focus on assessing the quality in use of each digital wallet, but on digital wallets globally (in this study the digital wallets used are OVO, Gopay, and Dana) because after the results of the questionnaire, almost all respondents use more than one digital wallet, even besides the mentioned digital wallets. The conclusion obtained in this study is that digital wallet product users are satisfied with the use of digital wallets although there are still some risks that may arise.


Digital wallet; ISO/IEC 25022; Quality in use; Correlation analysis

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