Designing Android-Based Fasting Reminder (Shiyam) Applications

Salsabila Ramadhina, Desi Nurnaningsih, Angga Aditya Permana, Ahmad Rodoni


Indonesia is a country with Muslim majority. Muslims implement fasting as one of important Islamic pillar. Information regarding fasting is substantial for Muslims, especially warnings of imsak, sahur and iftar times. Integration of information related to fasting schedules and provisions in mobile devices especially Android is a promising solution for Muslims. So that, the design of the fasting reminder (Shiyam) application is notable to perform. This application was developed based on the Waterfall model which emphasizes the development of systematic and sequential information systems. The implementation of the Shiyam application which focuses on the aspect of fasting can provide detailed fasting-related information and provides warnings at the time of imsak, iftar and sahur which can help Muslims in carrying out their worship.


Android; Fasting Reminder; Waterfall Model

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