SCADA Solution by Installing DTM6000 and Trunking Tier Three

Marsul Siregar, Ikar Mustikaswara, Dhian Wahyudi, Tajuddin Nur


The aim of this study is to provide the new solution for the SCADA system by using the DTM6000 with Tier three and the multipoint node topology for the application offshore mining industry. The application of the proposed design can provide the data as wind speed, machine temperature, sonar, vessel position. Applying the SCADA Software, NMS (network management system), and DWS (Dispatch Work Station), data can be monitored through the control Center. The SCADA system with radiofrequency can cover a wide coverage area (ie up to 60 km). The trunking base station, carry out the data, and able to transmit voice communication with good quality. The technical design and the installation as well as the trial for validation of the proposed system in the remote area offshore of the mining industry is provided. It is might be stated that the system enables the development and addition of more other SCADA equipment in the future


SCADA; DTM6000; Remote area; DWS and NMS

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