Comparison of Control Methods PD, PI, and PID on Two Wheeled Self Balancing Robot

Bhakti Yudho Suprapto, Djulil Amri, Suci Dwijayanti


A robot must employ a suitable control method to obtain a good stability. The Two-Wheeled Self Balancing Robot in this paper is designed using a MPU-6050 IMU sensor module and ATmega128 microcontroller as its controller board. This IMU sensor module is employed to measure any change in the robot’s tilt angle based on gyroscope and accelerometer readings contained in the module. The tilt angle readings are then utilized as the setpoint on the control methods, namely PD (Proportional Derivative), PI (Proportional Integral), or PID (Proportional Integral Derivative). Based on the conducted testing results, the PID controller is the best control strategy when compared to the PD and PI control. With parameters of Kp = 14, Ki = 0005 and Kd = 0.1, the robot is able to adjust the speed and direction of DC motor rotation to maintain upright positions on flat surfaces.


Two-Wheeled Self Balancing Robot; PID; PD; PI; IMU


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