Nonlinear Programming Approach of Wireless Pricing Models

Irmeilyana Irmeilyana, Fitri Maya Puspita, Indrawati Indrawati


The pricing for wireless networks is developed to obtain surplus from subscribers. The linearity factors, elasticity price, price factors are discussed. the new approach of wireless pricing model proposed by previous research are approached by considering the model as the nonlinear programming problem that can be solved optimally using LINGO 13.0.  The problem is considered to be nonlinear programming that can be solved using optimization tools. The solutions are expected to give some information about the connections between the acceptance factor and the price. The models attempt to maximize the total price for a connection based on QoS parameter. The maximum goal to maximum price is achieved when the provider set the increment of price change due to QoS change and amount of QoS value. The linearity parameter set up for most cases is obtained in ceiling value. Linear price factor ranges between the prescribed value especially cases when we increase the price change due to QoS change and increase the amount of QoS values.

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