Novice Assistance Tool and Methodology: Design Decision and Task-Pattern Mapping

Hoo Meei Hao, Azizah Jaafar


We present a possible method and tool to supportthe novice designers in the design tasks. Although in literaturestated that practitioners depend on memory and experiences,novice designers would take time to learn to acquire sufficient experience. The purpose of this research is to help novicedesigners to fulfill the usability goals that have determined by theexpert in designing a system. The proposed methodology and toolcan be considered as an assistance tool for novice designer indecision making in regards to prototype selection as well as thetask-pattern mapping template for pattern selection in fulfillingthe usability goal targeted. The tool was designed to manage thedecisions information and to recommend the chosen prototypebased on the Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) technique. Inoverall, about 87% of expert evaluators and prospective userswere agreed with the suggestion of prototype selection from theproposed tool. The findings from this study revealed that thecooperation from industry experts was valuable in determinedthe usability goal and direction and getting accumulativefeedbacks both from users and experts.

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