Radio Subcarrier Multiplexing in Conjunction with Optical Mode Division Multiplexing for 5G Networks

Angela Amphawan, Baseem Khalaf, Wanasiah Tahir, Hafiza Haron, Rukhiyah Adnan


5G is speculated to transform the mobilecommunications landscape by increasing data rates, latency,coverage and energy efficiency. Radio-over-fiber (RoF) provides ahigh-capacity, efficient and scalable 5G architecture fortransporting radio signals through optical fibers, exploiting theenormous bandwidth of the optical fiber cables. In this paper, anew radio-over-fiber (RoF) architecture for future 5G networks isproposed using SCM-MDM for converging data streams fromdifferent picocells. Different sets of the Hermite-Gaussian (HG)modes are introduced for the SCM-MDM system in RoF. The effectof different sets of HG modes on the RoF system performance arecompared in terms of the transverse electric fields, eye diagrams,modal analyses and bit-error rates. A total throughput of 19.5 Gb/sis achieved

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