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Vol 5: EECSI 2018 CountNet: End to End Deep Learning for Crowd Counting Abstract   PDF
Bryan Wilie, Samuel Cahyawijaya, Widyawardana Adiprawita
Vol 7, No 2: EECSI 2020 Data Mining Implementation to Predict Sales Using Time Series Method Abstract   PDF
Agung Triayudi, Sumiati Sumiati, Thoha Nurhadiyan, Vidila Rosalina
Vol 7, No 1: EECSI 2020 Data Reduction Approach Based on Fog Computing in IoT Environment Abstract   PDF
Rawaa Majid Obaise
Vol 2: EECSI 2015 Decision Support System for Heart Disease Diagnosing Using K-NN Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Tito Yuwono, Noor Akhmad Setiawan, Adi Nugroho, Anugrah Galang Persada, Ipin Prasojo, Sri Kusuma Dewi, Ridho Rahmadi
Vol 5: EECSI 2018 Decision Support System Scheme Using Forward Chaining And Simple Multi Attribute Rating Technique For Best Quality Cocoa Beans Selection Abstract   PDF
Januar Adi Putra, Agustinus Mariano Galwargan, Nelly Oktavia Adiwijaya
Vol 6: EECSI 2019 Decision Support System with Simple Additive Weighting for Recommending Best Employee Abstract   PDF
Painem Painem, Hari Soetanto
Vol 7, No 1: EECSI 2020 Deep Convolutional Architecture for Block-Based Classification of Small Pulmonary Nodules Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Samy Ismaeil, Mohammed A.-Megeed Salem
Vol 6: EECSI 2019 Deep Learning Approaches for Big Data Analysis Abstract   PDF
Naomie Salim
Vol 4: EECSI 2017 Deep Learning on Curriculum Study Pattern by Selective Cross Join in Advising Students’ Study Path Abstract   PDF
Tekad Matulatan, Muhammad Resha
Vol 5: EECSI 2018 Demand Forecasting Considering Actual Peak Load Periods Using Artificial Neural Network Abstract   PDF
Octavia D.P. Yuan, A. N. Afandi, Hari Putranto
Vol 1: EECSI 2014 Design and Development of Gas Leakage Monitoring System using Arduino and ZigBee Abstract   PDF
Huan Hui Yan, Yusnita Rahayu
Vol 1: EECSI 2014 Design and Implementation of Digital Image Processing using STM32F407ZG Microcontroller for Traffic Light Management System Abstract   PDF
Achmad Muzahid, Inung Wijayanto
Vol 6: EECSI 2019 Design and Implementation of MPC for Energy Optimization of Boiler in Batch Distillation Column Abstract   PDF
Handy Harjamulya
Vol 1: EECSI 2014 Design and Implementation of Temperature Controller for a Vacuum Distiller Abstract   PDF
M. Aziz Muslim, Goegoes Dwi N., Ahmad Salmi F., Akhbar Prachaessardhi R.
Vol 5: EECSI 2018 Design and Implementation of the Culinary Recommendation System Using Sentiment Analysis and Simple Adaptive Weighting in Bengkulu, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Yudi Setiawan, Boko Susilo, Aan Erlansari, Sumitra Firdaus, Evi Maryanti
Vol 6: EECSI 2019 Design and Implementation of Web-based Church Information Systems (Case Study : HKBP Kebon Jeruk) Abstract   PDF
Armando Ondihon Kristoper Purba, Supardi Supardi, Ernawati Dewi, Meilieta Anggriani Porrie, Muhammad Syafrullah
Vol 1: EECSI 2014 Design High Gain PHEMT LNA for Wireless Application at 5.8 GHz Abstract   PDF
Pongot K, Ahmad A, Othman A.R, Zakaria Z, Suaidi M.K, Hamidon A.H, Hamidon J.S
Vol 4: EECSI 2017 Design of A Microchip Optical Switching Driven by Low Direct-current Voltage Abstract   PDF
Dedi Irawan
Vol 4: EECSI 2017 Design of Automatic Switching Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA) for Body Fat Measurement Abstract   PDF
Munawar A Riyadi, Achmad Ngaqib Muthouwali, Teguh Prakoso
Vol 1: EECSI 2014 Design of Consumer Participative Device for Smart Grid Initiative Abstract   PDF
Lukman Rosyidi, Khoirul Umam
Vol 5: EECSI 2018 Design of Hybrid System Power Management Based Operational Control System to Meet Load Demand Abstract
Zulfatman Has, Nurhadi Nurhadi, Fachmy Faizal
Vol 7, No 1: EECSI 2020 Design of Integrated Bioimpedance Analysis and Body Mass Index for Users with Special Needs Abstract   PDF
Ganjar Winasis, Munawar Riyadi, Teguh Prakoso
Vol 1: EECSI 2014 Design of Inverter with Less Harmonics using Buck-Boost Converter and SPWM Method Abstract   PDF
Lalu Riza Aliyan, Rini Nur Hasanah, M. Aziz Muslim
Vol 5: EECSI 2018 Design of Low Noise Micro Liter Syringe Pump for Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensor Abstract   PDF
Ridha N. Ikhsani, D.J. Djoko H. Santjojo, Setyawan P. Sakti
Vol 2: EECSI 2015 Design of Massive Actuators For 3D Robot Manipulators Abstract   PDF
Felix Pasila
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