Effectiveness of MPEG-7 Color Features in Clothing Retrieval

Arsy Febrina Dewi, Fitri Arnia, Rusdha Muharar


Clothing is a human used to cover the body. Clothing consist of dress, pants, skirts, and others. Clothing usually consists of various colors or a combination of several colors. Colors become one of the important reference used by humans in determining or looking for clothing according to their wishes. Color is one of the features that fit the human vision. Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is a technique in Image Retrieval that give index to an image based on the characteristics contained in image such as color, shape, and texture. CBIR can make it easier to find something because it helps the grouping process on image based on its characteristic. In this case CBIR is used for the searching process of Muslim fashion based on the color features. The color used in this research is the color descriptor MPEG-7 which is Scalable Color Descriptor (SCD) and Dominant Color Descriptor (DCD). The SCD color feature displays the overall color proportion of the image, while the DCD displays the most dominant color in the image. For each image of Muslim women's clothing, the extraction process utilize SCD and DCD. This study used 150 images of Muslim women's clothing as a dataset consistingclass of red, blue, yellow, green and brown. Each class consists of 30 images. The similarity between the image features is measured using the eucludian distance. This study used human perception in viewing the color of clothing.The effectiveness is calculated for the color features of SCD and DCD adjusted to the human subjective similarity. Based on the simulation of effectiveness DCD result system gives higher value than SCD.


CBIR, DCD, SCD, eucludian distance, effectiveness

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