Features for Cross Spectral Image Matching : A Survey

Maulisa Oktiana, Fitri Arnia, Yuwaldi Away, Khairul Munadi


In the recent years, cross spectral matching has been gaining attention in various biometric systems for identification and verification purposes. Cross spectral matching allows an image taken under different electromagnetic spectrums to match each other. In cross spectral matching, one of the keys to successful matching is determined by the feature used for representing an image. Therefore the feature extraction step becomes an essential tasks. The researchers improve matching accuracy by developing a robust feature. This paper presents a comprehensive survey of robust descriptors and feature extraction methods that are used in cross spectral matching. This survey covers basic concepts of cross spectral matching, visual and thermal features extraction, and state of the art descriptors. This summary gives a description for better feature selection method in cross spectral matching.


Cross spectral matching, Descriptors, Features extraction, Thermal images, Visible images


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