Vol 7, No 4

December 2018

List of Accepted Papers

Table of Contents

A Simple Way to Maintain the Top 50 Ranking Scientists in the SINTA from Excessive Self-Citations
Tole Sutikno, Herman Yuliansyah, Lina Handayani
Distribution Network Reconfiguration Using Binary Particle Swarm Optimization to Minimize Losses and Decrease Voltage Stability Index
Aji Akbar Firdaus, Ontoseno Penangsang, Adi Soeprijanto, Dimas Fajar U.P.
Basic Robotecnical Platform For Implementation Of Accurate Farming Technologies
Denis B. Solovev, N. I. Tchernyshev, O. E. Sysoev, E. P. Kiselyov
Features for Cross Spectral Image Matching : A Survey
Maulisa Oktiana, Fitri Arnia, Yuwaldi Away, Khairul Munadi

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