Vol 7, No 3

September 2018

List of Accepted Papers

Table of Contents

Maximum Loadability Enhancement with a Hybrid Optimization Method
E. E. Hassan, T. K. A. Rahman, Z. Zakaria, N. Bahaman, M. H. Jifri
Oscillatory Stability Prediction using PSO Based Synchronizing and Damping Torque Coefficients
Nor Azwan Mohamed Kamari
A New Copy Move Forgery Detection Technique using Adaptive over-Segementation and Feature Point Matching
Anil Gupta
A Finite State Machine-based Falling Event Detection using Quadrilateral Shape Features
Mohd Fadzil Abu Hassan, Mohamad Hanif Md Saad, Mohd Faisal Ibrahim, Aini Hussain
Speaker Recognition in Content-Based Image Retrieval for a high degree of accuracy
Muhammad Suhartono
Creating Color Image Features Using Local Contrast Method
Ayman Y. Al-Rawashdeh, Ziad Al-Qadi
Weather Forecasting Using Merged Long Short-Term Memory Model
Afan Galih Salman, Yaya Heryadi, Edi Abdurahman, Wayan Suparta
Efficient Implementation of Mean, Variance and Skewness Statistic Formula for Image Processing Using FPGA Device
Aqwam Rosadi Kardian
An Approach for Risk Estimation in Information Security Using Text Mining and Jaccard Method
Prajna Deshanta Ibnugraha
Assessing Information System Integration Using Combination of the Readiness and Success Models
A'ang Subiyakto
SPLSCGS Framework : Smart Government in Supply Chain
Ahmad Nurul Fajar
E-Learning Effectiveness Analysis in Developing Countries: East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia Perspective
Sfenrianto Sfenrianto, Ellen Tantrisna, Habibullah Akbar, Mochamad Wahyudi
Estimation of Photovoltaic Module Parameters based on Total Error Minimization of I-V Characteristic
M. N. Abdullah, M. Z. Hussin, S. A. Jumaat, N. H. Radzi, Lilik J. Awalin
GA-based Optimisation of a LiDAR Feedback Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation System
Siti Nurhafizah Anual, Mohd Faisal Ibrahim, Nurhana Ibrahim, Aini Hussain, Mohd Marzuki Mustafa, Aqilah Baseri Huddin, Fazida Hanim Hashim
Whale Optimization Algorithm Based Technique for Distributed Generation Installation in Distribution System
Mohd Nurulhady Morshidi, Ismail Musirin, Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim, Mohd Rafi Adzman, Mohamad Hatta Hussain
A Comparative Study for Different Sizing of Solar PV System under Net Energy Metering Scheme at University Buildings
T. M. N. T. Mansur, N. H. Baharudin, R. Ali
Dynamic Economic Dispatch Assessment Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
Muhammad Murtadha Othman, Mohd Affendi Ismail Salim, Ismail Musirin, Nur Ashida Salim, Mohammad Lutfi Othman
Improving Classification Accuracy Using Clustering Technique
Norsyela Muhammad Noor Mathivanan, Nor Azura Md.Ghani, Roziah Mohd Janor
Sabah Traditional Chinese Medicine Database
Aslina Baharum, Neoh Yee Jin, Shaliza Hayati A. Wahab, Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab, Radzi Ambar, Nurul Hidayah Mat Zain
Evaluation of Support Vector Machine and Decision Tree for Emotion Recognition of Malay Folklores
Mastura Md Saad, Nursuriati Jamil, Raseeda Hamzah
Development of Respiratory Rate Estimation Technique Using Electrocardiogram and Photoplethysmogram for Continuous Health Monitoring
Nazrul Anuar Nayan
Wind Energy Fed UPQC System for Power Quality Improvement

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