Kekerasan Material Pasangan Elektroda (Cu) dan Lembaran plat (Fe) Pra Proses Spot Welding

Agus Sifa, Tito Endramawan, Casiman S


Spot welding (spot welding) including electrical resistance welding. This type is the method most widely used and most simple. The result of the process of welding spot welding needs to be known in detail because it will affect the shear strength and hardness the weld, mechanical pair of electrodes and sheet plate Noteworthy pressure electrodes on the sheet of plate, it needs to reference the physical properties of the surface hardness of the electrode to the sheet plate and reference beginning on material selection and partner electrode plate sheet with a thickness of 0.8 mm, it is important to know the composition of the electrode plate and sheet. The test results spouse electrode material (Cu) and the sheet plate (Fe), after spectrometric test experiments showed that the electrode has a Cu content of the balance and Gazette plate has a Fe content Carbon dominates but has less than 0.25%, then it is the sheet plate has a low carbon category, and the test results show violence electrodes 130 HV has a roughness value, it indicates that the electrodes class category 2 [10] and the sheet has a roughness plate 128 HV, propensity score electrode material roughness is larger than the sheet plate.


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