Method Using IOT Low Earth Orbit Satellite to Monitor Forest Temperature in Indonesia

Ariesta Satryoko, Arthur Josias Simon


The Purpose of this paper is to ensure the proper functioning of the Monitoring Forest Temperature program in Indonesia using the IoT Narrow-Band Low earth orbit Satellite. As a new technology for monitoring the temperature continue to expand, its implementation in developing countries particularly in Indonesia requires strategic guidance of how the whole process will be executed. Nevertheless, due to this, cross-sectoral partnership in technology, policy, budget, industry is essential to be addressed. The World Bank has recorded the loss from forest fire where 28 million people directly affected including 19 people who died and over 500 thousand people suffered from respiratory problems. Smokes from forest and land fires have also struck Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam respectively. To respond to this, the IoT ( Internet of Things ) now comes with an extensive feature, using the capability of satellite reach. The Narrow Band Low Earth Orbit Satellite has released a feature for IoT connect to Low Orbit Satellite and transmit the data from the sensor directly. Therefore, we argue that this technology is crucial and needs to be functioned immediately to monitor forest temperature in Indonesia.


IOT; LEO; Satellite; Temperature

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