Designing Feature Application for User Experience to Censor Inappropriate Scene in Indonesia

Ariesta Satryoko, Arthur Josias Simon


The objective of this article is to build a better and more realistic user interface for Vlarm, an application we developed to censor inappropriate scenes during the COVID-19 pandemic. This premise was built by the fact that most children demand home entertainment, such as watching movies during the quarantine. Thus, this research introduces a new feature in our censorship software that enables parents to exchange their censorship findings so that other parents can use such findings without doing so to the same movie. On the other hand, the Indonesian Government imposes a large-scale social restriction (PSBB) due to the situation of COVID-19 in the country. This interaction is to provide information on the user's experience to eventually build more user-friendly interfaces and features that enable users to conveniently utilize Vlarm application.


Censor Movie; Censor; inappropriate Scene; LSF Indonesia

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