Automatic Grading System for Spreadsheet Formula

Kurniandha Sukma Yunastrian, Saiful Akbar, Fitra Arifiansyah


Spreadsheet is one of the tools that can be used to learn data analysis. Data analysis in spreadsheet can be done using formula. Spreadsheet tools can also be used for exams. For the assessment, there is a problem when the number of answers that need to be checked is large, that is it takes a long time to check all the answers. For this reason, an automatic grading system (autograder) that can evaluate formula in spreadsheet is needed. The method used in developing the autograder system is matching the answer key formula with the student's answer formula. The autograder system assesses the answer by calculating the similarity of the student's answer formula with the answer key formula. This paper explains how to build an autograder system that can evaluate the formula. At the end, an autograder system has been built successfully. It has been tested with 43 testcases and all of them are passed.


Assessment; Autograder; Formula; Spreadsheet; String similarity

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