Efficient FPGA implementation of high speed digital delay for wideband beamforming using parallel architectures

Gian Carlo Cardarilli, Luca Di Nunzio, Rocco Fazzolari, Daniele Giardino, Marco Matta, Marco Re, Sergio Spanò, Lorenzo Simone


In this paper, the authors present an FPGA implementation of a digital delay for beamforming applications. The digital delay is based on a Parallel Farrow Filter. Such architecture allows to reach a very high processing rate with wideband signals and it is suitable to be used with Time-Interleaved Analog to Digital Converters (TI-ADC). The proposed delay has been simulated in MATLAB, implemented on FPGA and characterized in terms of amplitude and phase response, maximum clock frequency and area.


Farrow filter; TI-ADC; Variable fractional delay; Wideband digital beamfoming

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