Food intake gesture monitoring system based-on depth sensor

Muhammad Fuad bin Kassim, Mohd Norzali Haji Mohd


Food intake gesture technology is one of a new strategy for obesity people managing their health care while saving their time and money. This approach involves combining face and hand joint point for monitoring food intake of a user using Kinect Xbox One camera sensor. Rather than counting calories, scientists at Brigham Young University found dieters who eager to reduce their number of daily bites by 20 to 30 percent lost around two kilograms a month, regardless of what they ate [1]. Research studies showed that most of the methods used to count bite are worn type devices which has high false alarm ratio. Today trend is going toward the non-wearable device. This sensor is used to capture skeletal data of user while eating and train the data to capture the motion and movement while eating. There are specific joint to be capture such as Jaw face point and wrist roll joint. Overall accuracy is around 94%. Basically, this increase in the overall recognition rate of
this system.


Bite count; Depth camera; Food tracking; Gesture recognition

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