Improved voice quality with the combination of transport layer & audio codec for wireless devices

Othman O. Khalifa, Raihan Jannati Binti Roslin, Sharif Shah Newaj Bhuiyan


Improving voice quality over wireless communication becomes a demanding feature for social media apps like facebook, whatsapp and other communication channels. Voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) helps us to make quick telephone calls over the internet. It includes various mechanism which are signaling, controlling and transport layer. Over wireless links, packet loss and high transmission delay damage voice quality. Here VoIP quality will be measured by three main elements which are signaling protocol, audio codec and transport layer. To improve the overall voice quality, we need to combine these three elements properly to get the best score. Otherwise perceptual speech quality will not be the right tool to measure the voice quality. Here we will use Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for calculated jitter values and end to end delay. At the end, best combination of audio codec & signaling protocol produced the quality speech.


Audio codec; Codec scheme; SIP; VoIP

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