Dermatological diagnosis by mobile application

Shihab A. Hameed, Alaa Haddad, Mohamed Hadi habaebi, Ali Nirabi


Health care mobile application delivers the right information at the right time and place to benefit patient’s clinicians and managers to make correct and accurate decisions in health care fields, safer care and less waste, errors, delays and duplicated errors.Lots of people have knowledge a skin illness at some point of their life, For the reason that skin is the body's major organ and it is quite exposed, significantly increasing its hazard of starting to be diseased or ruined.This paper aims to detect skin disease by mobile app using android platform providing valid trustworthy and useful dermatological information on over 4 skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis content for each skin condition, skin rush and Melanoma. It will include name, image, description, symptoms, treatment and prevention with support multi languages English and Bahasa and Mandarin. the application  has the ability to take and send video as well as normal and magnified photos to your dermatologist as an email attachment with comments on safe secure network, this app also has a built in protected privacy features to access to your photo and video dermatologists. The mobile application help in diagnose and treat their patients without an office visit teledermatology is recognized by all major insurance companies doctor.



Health care; Mobile application; Patients; Skin

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