Time series data measurement on electricity consumption for selected domestic appliances in typical terrace house of Malaysia

Naja Aqilah, Sheikh Ahmad Zaki Shaikh Salim, Aya Hagishima, Nelidya Md Yusoff, Fitri Yakub


This paper describes the pattern of electricity consumption from total and selected domestic appliances at a typical terrace house in Malaysia. The measured appliances can be classified into four groups on the basis of pattern of use which are ‘standby’ (TV), ‘active’ (massage chair, charger of hand phone, laptop and power bank, washing machine, air-conditioners, iron, standing fan, shower heaters, rice cooker, toaster, microwave), ‘cold’ (refrigerator) and ‘cold and hot’ (water dispenser). The major contribution of monthly electricity consumption comes from ‘cold’ appliances that consume 118.8 kWh/month followed by ‘active’ appliances that consume 87.8 kWh/month and ‘cold and hot’ appliance with 52.5 kWh/month. ‘Standby’ appliances shown a small contribution to the total electricity with 0.9 kWh/month. The amount of energy consumed depends on time-of-use, power characteristics of particular appliances as well as occupancy period.


Time series data; Electricity consumption; Appliances; Terrace house

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