Fuzzy Logic Based Direct Power Control of Induction Motor Drive

Hossein Rahimi Khoei, Elham Farazande Shahraki


This paper is the design of an induction motor drive system that can be controlled using direct power control. First the possibilities of direct power control (DPC) of induction motors (IMs) fed by a voltage source inverter have been studied. Principles of this method have been separately evaluated. Also the drive system is more versatile due to its small size and low cost. Therefore it is advantageous to use the system where the speed is estimated by means of a control algorithm instead of measuring. This paper proposed one novel induction motor speed control system with fuzzy logic. The estimator was designed and simulated in Matlab/Simulink. Simulation result shows a good performance of speed estimator.


Direct Power Control (DPC), Fuzzy Logic, Induction Motor (IM)

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