Robust Watermarking through Dual Band IWT and Chinese Remainder Theorem

Prajanto Wahyu Adi, Farah Zakiyah Rahmanti, Edy Winarno


CRT was a widely used algorithm in the development of watermarking methods. The algorithm produced good image quality but it had low robustness against compression and filtering. This paper proposed a new watermarking scheme through dual band IWT to improve the robustness and preserving the image quality. The high frequency sub band was used to index the embedding location on the low frequency sub band. In robustness test, the CRT method resulted average NC value of 0.7129, 0.4846, and 0.6768 while the proposed method had higher NC value of 0.7902, 0.7473, and 0.8163 in corresponding Gaussian filter, JPEG, and JPEG2000 compression test. Meanwhile the both CRT and proposed method had similar average SSIM value of 0.9979 and 0.9960 respectively in term of image quality. The result showed that the proposed method was able to improve the robustness and maintaining the image quality.


Chinese Remainder Theorem, IWT, Watermarking

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