Python Application: Visual Approach of Hopfield Discrete Method for Hiragana Images Recognition

Dicky Nofriansyah, Hendriktio Freizello


Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language. Python provides strong support for integration with other programming languages and other tools. Python programming is rarely used in the field of artificial intelligence, especially artificial neural networks. This research focuses on running Python programming to recognize hiragana letters. In learning the character of Hiragana, one can experience difficulties because of the many combinations of vowels that form new letters by different means of reading and meaning. Discrete Hopfield network is a fully connected, that every unit is attached to every other unit. This network has asymmetrical weights. At Hopfield Network, each unit has no relationship with itself. Therefore it is expected that a computer system that can help recognize the Hiragana Images. With this pattern recognition Application of Hiragana Images, it is expected the system can be developed further to recognize the Hiragana Images quickly and precisely.


Artificial Neural Network, Hiragana, Hopfield discrete, Python application

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