Vol 2, No 2

June 2013

Table of Contents

A Multi-Zone HVAC System for a Typical Building for MATLAB/SIMULINK Platform PDF
Ahmad Parvaresh, Seyed Mohammad Ali Mohammadi 83-87
Aspects in Formulating Mathematical Model of Wind Turbine PDF
Waleed Khalil Ahmed 88-94
Recent Trends in Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis and Condition Assessment PDF
Zakir Husain, Hasmat Malik, Mohd. Arif Khan 95-104
Load Frequency Control in Four Area Power Systems Using Fuzzy Logic PI Controller PDF
Ch. Varaha Narasimha Raja 105-110
Voltage Controlled Integrator and Linear Quadrature-VCO Using MMCC PDF
P. Venkateswaran, R. Nandi, Sagarika Das 111-116
A Study of image compression based transmission algorithm Using SPIHT for low bit rate application PDF
Ritu Chourasiya, Ajit Shrivastava 117-122
Optimized Microstrip Antennas with Metamaterial Superstrates Using Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
Nooshin Feiz, Farzad Mohajeri, Anahita Ghaznavi 123-131
GASA-JOSH: A Hybrid Evolutionary-Annealing Approach for Job-Shop Scheduling Problem PDF
Somayeh Kalantari, Mohamad Saniee Abadeh 132-140
Adaptive Mobile E-Learning Environment for Improving Educational Process PDF
Ahmed A. Saleh, Hazem M. El-Bakry 141-157
Fuzzy Logic in Human Reasoning PDF
Michael Gr. Voskoglou 158-168

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